Music Ministry
It is not noise!, It is not a concert!…
It is worship. Our goal its to communicate the message of Christ in a clear way, using our talents, our voices, our hands and technology as musical instruments, everything with the only purpose of communicating the message of salvation in every platform that God permit us to minister.

Worship Band

Kids Choir

School of Music

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Our worship band have the purpose of telling the message of salvation through music, being God’s instruments and help others connect with Him.
Every string, piano key, tambour and button is used to minister the hearts and enter into His presence.
 Nissi-Small Voices with a big Message is our Children Choir. Kids will learn voice techniques, respiration, music theory, and harmonization.
Kids will participate in concerts, camps, community events and during our worship services.
 M.A.S. (Musicians that Adore and Serve)
is our School of Music. The participants will learn how to play the bass, guitar, piano, drums, sound, and creative media.
The students wii participate in concerts, camps, and special events.


Luis Nuñez Jr.

Worship Minister
Tel: (504) 881-6505