The Importance 
of Prayer



Prayer is a conversation with God

  • Verbal CONVERSATION is essential in any relationship with another person.
  • If God has created us to live with him then it is necessary to have a CONVERSATION with him.
  • It is not something you LEARN, but a cohesive, honest and respectful conversation.
  • In a conversation there is more than ONE person involved, if it were not, then it would be a monologue.
  • Moses did not pray eloquently to God, but with SIMPLE WORDS. Exodus 33:12-23

Important elements of Prayer

  • Relation – “Our Father”
  • Worship – “hallowed be thy name” You should begin every prayer WORSHIPPING God for who he is.
  • Submission – “thy kingdom come, thy will be done…” Every prayer must be uttered inside the WILL of God.
  • Petition – “give us today our daily bread…” Demostrate that you DEPEND on Him.
  • Repentance – “forgive us our trespasses…” Remember the golden rule!
  • Recognize your BATTLE – “do not lead us to temptation…” You are in a battle with the flesh and you need help.
  • Dependence – “deliver us from evil…” Trust that God will set you free.
  • Celebrate the victory – “For thine is the kingdom the power and the glory…” THANK him in advance Trust that He will CONQUER because He is Sovereign.